Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Berries

Photo by: Zoe Lufkin

For this picture I was doing a still life photo shoot, but this particular photo does not seem to qualify. Still, I especially liked the simplicity and contrast between the dark shadows on the lower part while the top is brighter. The branch of berries is being held up perpendicular to the pavement, I love the focus that came of it.  I sort of wish I could have gotten the entire branch/leaves in the picture, but it is still pleasing. The berries may not be the most attractive but the harsh winter idea gives it a strong survivor feeling making it happy.


Photo by: Tiffany Reynolds
For this picture I wanted to try something that I saw someone do online. I wanted to see if I could do the same thing with balancing the egg on the forks and get a good result. I am happy with the result I got. I like how much the egg is in focus with sharp edges. If I tried it again I would find a place that had a big enough background that I could get the entire fork in the picture.



Photo by: Selena Shippey
I was trying to get a fall feel through this picture and I used a photo room to create the white background and red leaves I picked from a tree. Once I was in the room I turned up the lighting and arranged the leaves in a circle and used the best and most vibrant leaf for the middle. After I captured the picture I turned every leaf in the photo to black and white and left the middle one red. Then I enhanced the red color to add a feel to it. Then I just fixed the brightness and then rotated it to the correct angle.

Fall Ball

Photo by:  Samantha McNab

I tried to take a still life picture of a football and some leaves around it to make it look fall-like. I wanted it to look right so I took like a million pictures to make it right. I had to pick up dirty leaves off of the ground. I would be more creative if I actually had stuff to take pictures of, the football is just kind of boring. But other than that I enjoy the picture.

All Smiles

Photo by:  Sadie Armstrong

This picture is of a student at lunch in the cafeteria talking to her friends. I used a 7200 canon lens which allowed me to zoom in on her from across the cafeteria. Doing so enabled me to capture her facial expression as she chatted with her peers. I like the picture because it is a true candid picture, she has no idea that I was capturing her smile so the smile you see is a real smile, not staged. I then took the picture and switched it over to black and white and made it my own style. I do not like that there are other people’s heads in the frame so next time I will make sure there is no one in the way of the shot.

Ice Leaf

Photo by: Sabrina Moon

In this photo I took a picture of a leaf with frost on it. I used extreme macro so I could see the ice pellets. I like how this photo turned out so that I could see each individual piece of ice. What I would have done differently would have been to make it a little more clear by not wiggling. Overall I am proud of this photo.


Photo by: Olivia Kovacs 
I took my panning photo at school while the cars are driving by. I was trying to keep the car in focus but everything else blurry. I just focused on the car and moved the camera sideways while taking the photo. I am very happy with this photo and it earned best in class. I would not do anything different.

Pearly White

Photo by:  Nancy Zuniga

This photo is a great picture of still life and fill the frame, I took this picture indoors which made it a little yellow but with the help of Photoshop I fixed it up to make it look white. I really like this picture because it has an elegant touch to it. The only thing I would change would be the place I took it in so I wouldn’t have to Photoshop it because it looks a little grainy but other than that I’m in love with this picture !

Card Game

Photo by:  L.Seal

I really like this picture because the way I focused on the cards in the middle and the dice. Spot coloring is my favorite effect to do on pictures so I tried it with this.

Fall In Love with Rogers

Photo by:  Kyler Ooley

I wanted to capture the season of fall, as well as show some ram pride. The angle of the picture gives it a neat view, and the colors really stand out. I am pleased with how this photo turned out because it was fun to set up, and the coloring really gets my attention. If I were to do this picture again, I would try and put a design of some sort around the word “RAMS”.

Kitty Cat

Photo by:  Kori Churchill

In this picture you will see my cat I was trying to captor his refection in the mirror. Which I succeeded. It took forever to try and get him without moving in the shot. I love how he is in focus and his reflection is a little blurred out. I would have done my lighting a little differently but I like the outcome of it.


Beach Glass

Photo by: Jayson Lyons

This photo was difficult to get because the only thing I could use for a light source was a lamp and a flashlight. So achieving a properly exposed photograph was a pain. Also the white balance was difficult to get right. All in all I am happy with the composition and the photo.

H for Haley

Photo by: Haley Nagel

In this photo I attempted to make an H for Haley. I placed the marbles in the slots of the picnic table, stood up and took the picture. I like how the picture turned out because the colors of the marbles were bright and you can slightly see the blurred image on the converse under the table. If I did something differently I probably would have spread it out a little more to make it look more spacious and not as squished.


Mirror reflection

Photo by:  Crimzon Heinrich

My photo is a reflection of jacks on a mirror. I attempted to get the reflection and succeeded with a good photo! I would have wished it was a better day so you could see the blue in the sky, and that the lighting was different. But overall it was a good photo!


Photo by:  Connor Loose

I tried to get a picture of my dog staring at the tennis ball because she normally sits still and looks at the ball waiting for me to throw it. So I thought it would make a really neat small depth of field photo. It didn’t turn out as great as I expected it to be. However, if I took it in a different environment it would turn out better.


Photo by:  Cierra Warness

I caught my cat at the perfect moment staring at himself. I thought it was a perfect example of reflection and I had to capture it. It was hard to get my cat to cooperate but after awhile I got this shot.

Color Pencils

Photo by: Carissa Hall  

I took this picture for my photo 2 class and it was for reflection. I like this photo because I like how only one pencils is in focus and the others are not. I should have zoomed out a little more so you could see the other pencils a little better. I think that the pictured out really good and could have done maybe a little better the focus.

Purple fire

Photo by: Austin Herdt

I went to a career day at the elementary down the street and there was an NHRA car there so I thought it would be cool to the reflection of the car and I liked the flames and the different colors in the photo while getting the sponsors in focus.

The lonely marble

Photo by:  Amber Harris

I liked this photo because of its angle. I enjoyed the simplicity of the photo and the beauty the marble has with the yellow swirls in it. The sunshine was shining and made it have a warm feeling. The rocks beneath it look kind of unique and awesome.

Double Berry Power

By: Alexis Robinson

I attempted to do a reflection photo. I took the berries off the bush and placed them on a mirror and let the berries hang naturally, I didn’t change the pose or the way they looked. I love how the berries on top are in focus and the reflection is a little blurry. It reminds me of your reflection in water.