Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Different Perspective

Photo by: Brylie Barnette
I like this photo that I took at the pumpkin patch in October in the background you see the haystacks and pumpkins which demonstrates fall. I also like how the hay under the boots stands out in the photo, showing sharpness. The color contrasting the boots makes the photo stand out to me. I used rule of thirds, visual perspective, and small depth of field to bring the photo life.


Caitlyn T - PHS said...

I like the view that this photo was taken from

Cropping/framing is the composition that is used because she cropped the rest of the picture and focused her shoes

The focus of the picture is on her shoes, but the background also has a focus with the pumpkins

This photo reflects a seasonal mood

Sierra M. -ERHS said...

I like this picture. You have clear color and a good depth of field. Rule of thirds is done well. A great picture of shoes, good job.